At Roo’s, we strive to provide a fun, safe and nurturing environment that welcomes all children.

About Us

Our Philosophy

Our enriched education and fine arts program promotes cognitive, motor, social, creative, and emotional development through play and participation. Our goal is to help children make positive life choices and become confident independent learners from an early age.

We believe in fostering a strong sense of self worth and guiding children to develop basic life skills. Our specifically designed facility is set up to enhance the learning opportunities for every child. From the words of the famous artist Henri Matisse – An artist is an explorer. Thus, children learn best through first hand, meaningful experiences and by exploring their world directly. Seeing the world through a child’s eyes is beautiful thing.

We understand that the early years of a child’s life help set the foundations for life long success. Therefore, we believe strongly in helping children build meaningful relationships and help them to make connections with their peers and teachers that will last for a lifetime.



We believe in encouraging children to continue to build on their interests and explore their imagination.


We believe in the success of every child regardless of race, ability, religion and gender. It takes a BIG HEART TO SHAPE LITTLE MINDS, and here at Roo’s, children will be accompanied by friendly well trained staff that believe in the importance of leaving a lasting legacy of love and support for every child.

We strive to make every day a positive experience for each child and to make sure every child knows how much they are loved and valued.

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